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Preventing and Managing the Most Likely Lab Accidents

Laboratory safety begins before a lab accident occurs. The challenge is that the diverse and numerous risks of laboratory work require systematic foresight and planning to manage rapidly changing processes. A lab safety plan protects both the people who work in and around the lab, as well as your work and investment in laboratory samples, equipment, and scientific data. For this reason, effective safety planning is a valuable tool in maintaining a productive workplace.

This presentation will identify key tools and methods that lab managers can use to both prevent and respond to unexpected events in their lab work. Learn how to recognize lab hazards before they create a disaster, and develop a plan that will help you avoid them. Determine the most effective ways to respond to a lab accident—before the accident happens—in order to safeguard the people and science in your lab.

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Ralph Stuart
Chemical Hygiene Officer and Environmental Safety Manager
Keene State College

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Preventing and Managing the Most Likely Lab Accidents

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