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Open Forum: Ask an Experienced Lab Manager

Lab managers must develop a wide range of skills and knowledge to run their lab smoothly. Too often, the lab manager role comes with little to no training, and lab leaders are expected to learn as they go. Consulting a mentor or a senior manager can be helpful, but many times this person is not available to offer assistance. So, where can lab managers go for help or to ask tough questions?

This webinar encourages you to bring questions to a trio of seasoned lab managers, who have nearly 100 combined years of experience between them. Hear them talk about their backgrounds, the challenges they faced throughout their careers, and the knowledge they gained along the way. Ask them about the leadership and management situations you are facing, and receive advice and real-life stories that will help you manage your staff and optimize your lab’s performance.

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Scott Hanton.jpg
Scott Hanton
Editorial Director
Lab Manager
Sherri Bassner.jpg
Sherri Bassner
Leadership Coach
Retired Lab and Business Manager

Paula McDaniel.jpg
Paula McDaniel
Retired Business Development Director

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Open Forum: Ask an Experienced Lab Manager

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