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Renovating the Occupied Lab

Building a new lab or moving one to a completely new location can be very expensive and high-risk to critical scientific work. Instead, a lab renovation of an existing space may be a better alternative. The purpose of this seminar is to highlight key considerations and tools you can use when you are planning to renovate an occupied lab.
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Liz Loughlin
Vice President, Lab Furniture & Design for Productivity
Vey Garofalo.jpg
Vey Garofalo
Vice President, Lab & Production Services

Key Takeaways:
  • Pre-planning for a lab renovation to limit downtime
  • Incorporating current scientific protocols and workflow to anticipate future needs into the design
  • Optimizing cold storage, inventory, and chemical management processes as part of the plan
  • Assess and understand future digital lab requirements (IoT) and sustainability goals
  • Recommissioning equipment and instrumentation to ensure the lab is ready for immediate use

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    Renovating the Occupied Lab

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