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LCMS Applications for Clinical Research Using the Agilent Ultivo TQ

LCMS instruments offer great specificity, selectivity, and sensitivity. Therefore, this technique is widely used in clinical research labs that are regularly tasked with developing fast and reliable methods to analyze a wide range of analytes. Often in these laboratories, space is at a premium so a smaller LCMS instrument is an advantage. We will review several common applications for clinical research labs, for example: 25-hydroxyvitamin D, testosterone, and the measurement of other analytes in biological matrices using the Agilent Ultivo TQ LCMS system. Recommendations and experience gained from developing these methods will also be presented. Anyone doing LCMS method development in a clinical research lab would benefit from this free webinar.

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Andre Szczesniewski
Application Scientist
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Jennifer Hitchcock
Application Scientist

Learning objectives:

  • Method development in clinical applications
  • Analytical/application considerations on the Ultivo
  • Sample prep considerations

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LCMS Applications for Clinical Research Using the Agilent Ultivo TQ

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