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Weighing the Right Way & Good Electrochemistry Practice (GEP)

Weighing is one of the most common, yet critical and time consuming, tasks undertaken in the laboratory. Similarly, understanding proper methods for pH measurement and calibration can ensure process control and product quality.

In this webinar, you will learn key information to improve efficiency and establish best practices in your laboratory.

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Ian Ciesniewski
Technical Director, Laboratory Weighing Division
Mettler-Toledo Inc.
Neil Schaefer.jpg
Neil Schaefer
Technical Applications Consultant, pH/Electrochemistry & Spectroscopy
Mettler-Toledo Inc.

Weighing the Right Way:
  • Balance location and set-up
  • Weighing technique & optimizing performance
  • Factors influencing repeatability
  • Common problems, and how to overcome them
  • Increase productivity within the busy laboratory
  • Understanding the importance of regular calibration and maintenance
Good Electrochemistry Practice:
  • Ensuring the performance of your pH/Ion/Conductivity/DO meter(s)
  • Electrode selection and care
  • Calibration best practices
  • Common problems and how to overcome them
  • Automation options for measurement and cleaning

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Weighing the Right Way & Good Electrochemistry Practice (GEP)

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