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Optimizing Your Training Investments

Labs have many reasons to conduct training. Training can bring in new skills, share existing skills, or simply remind staff of important information. Training can cover a diverse set of topics, including technical, safety, quality, and mentoring. While training is important to most labs, it can be viewed as a luxury or a cost, instead of an essential activity. When viewed as a cost, training program optimization is about reducing the program to external requirements. Training programs often work best when they are viewed as another investment in the lab. When viewed as an investment, training program optimization is prioritized based on the return on the investment (ROI). Like all other investments, training requires planning, justification, and budget to be successful.
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Scott Hanton
Scott Hanton
Editorial Director
Lab Manager

In this presentation, you can expect to learn:
  • How to prioritize training with respect to the other needs of the lab
  • How to plan training to maximize impact
  • How to successfully execute training programs
  • How to balance internal and external training options

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Optimizing Your Training Investments

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