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Efficient and Quantitative Cell Culture with Incubation Monitoring

Cell cultures are the starting point for many types of life science and clinical research. However, the current cell culture process is inefficient and relies heavily on the experience and technique of skilled researchers.

Currently, researchers remove cells from the incubator and observe them under a microscope to assess their condition. Since this process is done by hand, the results vary depending on the skill and experience of the researcher. In some labs, each researcher cultivates multiple cell lines, making it difficult to maintain the cell quality necessary for experiments. To obtain quantitative data, such as the number of cells, samples had to be peeled and disposed of after each measurement. And the result of this time-consuming process is often fragmented data. In this webinar, Lauren Alvarenga will explain how the incubation monitoring system from Olympus helps to solve these challenges.
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Lauren Alvarenga
Product Manager for Research Imaging
Olympus Corporation of the Americas

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Efficient and Quantitative Cell Culture with Incubation Monitoring

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