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BIM and Virtual Design +
Construction in Lab Design

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is a proven delivery method that utilizes people, process, and technology to design and build to your vision and goals. By bringing together the design team, construction managers, and subcontractors early in the planning phase, VDC uses the power of intelligent collaboration to design and build to your goals and objectives. When combined with our industry-leading model first approach, the Building Information Modeling (BIM) is infused with data useful for builders and facility managers.

Many of the existing tools are employed “after the fact,” a means of documenting what has already been planned. They are very useful in the development of laboratory designs—but what if we can push this technology up the food chain and use them during programming and project definition? The purpose of this webinar is to acquaint the audience with the traditional use of BIM and virtual simulations but also to propose a methodology which leverages these tools with the use of Virtual Design and Construction to examine the impacts of early decisions in programming and planning on cost and operations in real-time so that the appropriate planning approach may be made. We will show how a program with characterized elements may be manipulated in 3D to generate real options with ramifications of cost and operations to allow our clients to make informed decisions on their projects’ aspects.

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Director of Science & Technology
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Michael Schroeder, CCM
Partner, Director of Virtual Design and Construction

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