The Complete pH Guide

Mettler Toledo pH tech 1800X900

Learn the theory behind pH, how to choose an electrode, how to properly measure pH, and troubleshoot when things go wrong

Learn how to measure pH in your lab with clear and practical descriptions, tips, and hints. The full measurement process is described, along with many important points to keep your experiments on track. This guide provides you with the detailed theory of pH measurement. Learn about the theoretical description of acidity and alkalinity measurements, how electrodes work, what kinds of electrodes there are, and what they are used for.

This guide will teach you about the different kinds of pH electrodes available and the selection criteria for choosing the right electrode for the right sample. Learn the best way to calibrate your pH meter and how to properly store it for both long- or short-term. Practical tips also include electrode maintenance, cleaning, and more. If things aren’t working, you can rely on the troubleshooting guide to track down where your pH problems are.

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