Smart Evaporator Assists Medicinal Chemistry


Isolation and purification of novel compounds from DMSO solutions for pharmaceutical use

Isolation and purification of DMSO-free materials from DMSO-containing mixtures is a problem for pharmaceutical uses. Conventional extractions don’t work when the compound is miscible in water and lyophilization takes too long. However, the FDA won’t approve formulations with DMSO for human administration.

Dr. V. Jo Davisson, Purdue University, and BioChromato have a conversation about purifying compounds for human use. Read this interview to find out how the Smart Evaporator C1 from BioChromato assisted in isolating and purifying novel compounds from DMSO solutions for potential pharmaceutical use.

Read more about using evaporator technology to isolate and purify compounds for human use, courtesy of BioChromato.

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