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Want to take your lab management and safety skills to the next level?
Dive into our FREE resources below!

Whether it’s through detailed checklists, intuitive flowcharts, comprehensive guides, or seminars led by industry experts, we offer tools that not only broaden your expertise but also pave the way to achieving your professional aspirations in the laboratory field.

Course - Introduction to Lab Management

Ready to Take Your Lab Management Skills to the Next Level? Discover the foundations of successful lab management in our free Introduction to Lab Management course. Learn essential strategies to streamline operations, optimize resources, and foster a culture of excellence in your laboratory.

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Chemical Safety Checklist

A checklist to ensure the chemical safety of yourself, your lab, and your employees.


Fumehood Safety Checklist

A checklist to ensure the safety of your fumehood before, after and during use, as well as important ongoing safety checks.


ELISA Flowchart

Wondering what type of ELISA to choose? This FREE flowchart compares the different ELISA types and advantages and disadvantages of each.


7-Day Well-Being Challenge

This FREE 7-day well-being challenge is designed to help you and your lab team foster a positive work culture, enhance productivity, and create a supportive professional environment.


Webinar - How to Improve the Skills Required to be a Successful Lab Manager

Don't miss your chance to elevate your lab management skills! Get our FREE on-demand webinar and take the first step toward career success

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Webinar - How to Communicate and Manage Risks Using Trust Building (via Stories)

This webinar will teach how affective stories and engaging storytelling are an effective technique to communicate about complex topics including risk, as well as our widely and wildly varying perceptions of it.

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Webinar - What-if Scenarios to Conduct Risk Assessments

This webinar will go through the basics of conducting risk assessments and why they are important. Advance the safety of your lab with this FREE on-demand webinar.

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