How to Measure the pH of Agar Plates

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Find practical tips on measuring the pH of agar plates to achieve accurate results and prolong sensor life

The solid gelatinous nature and protein-containing composition of agar plates make it challenging to measure pH accurately and reliably using a conventional sensor. Learn how to meet official public standards for pH as a test parameter in the quality control of growth media, such as agar plates, using the right kind of pH sensor. You will also find practical tips on achieving accurate results and prolonging sensor life.

Using the right pH sensor along with good measuring practices are key factors in obtaining consistent media quality and complying with regulations. For pH testing, official public standards set by USP 41, recommend the usage of a flat probe to confirm the pH of every batch of medium after it has cooled down to room temperature. Learn why the InLab® Surface Pro-ISM sensor from METTLER TOLEDO is the ideal solution for measuring the pH of agar plates.

Download this white paper to learn how to measure the pH of agar plates, achieve accurate results, and prolong sensor life

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