Getting the Most from Your Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

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How to extend the life of -80s, reduce costs, and lower risk of failure through smart purchasing and regular maintenance

Ultra-low temperature freezers (ULTs), often called -80s, are relied upon for long-term sample storage in most life and medical science labs. With high purchase, operating, and repair costs, ULTs present a considerable investment. ULTs are notorious for their high energy consumption—second only to fume hoods amongst general lab equipment, which makes them a popular target for improving efficiency and sustainability in science.

Fortunately, the right equipment and proper maintenance can mitigate the risk of failure and improve efficiency. Relatively small changes can have a large impact on longevity, operating costs, and ‘lab greening’ efforts. Purchasing energy-efficient units along with implementing best practices can provide lab managers with both peace of mind and savings.

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