Fume Hood Resource Guide

Fume Hood - 1800x900 with cover

Helpful tips for choosing the best fume hood for your laboratory and applications

Fume hoods are an integral part of most labs. These ventilated enclosures enable laboratory personnel to safely work with materials that produce hazardous fumes and volatile vapors. Selecting a fume hood that is the right fit for your laboratory is important and there are many different ducted and ductless designs to choose from. Traditionally, fume hoods consume large amounts of energy, but many newer units are designed with energy efficiency in mind, which reduces operating costs while providing the necessary protection.

 In this eBook, you will learn about:

  • Questions to ask when buying a fume hood
  • Determining which fume hood design is right for your research application
  • Fume hood installation tips for optimal performance
  • The benefits of upgrading fume hoods in the lab
  • Energy-efficient fume hoods

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