Digital Lab Documentation in Life Sciences

Digital Lab Documentation

Improve collaboration and productivity, and reduce costs

Life Sciences organizations need to bring new high-quality  therapeutics to market fast to respond to patient needs specific to different diseases and geographies. But development time and
costs for new therapeutics are gigantic, with an average accrual of $2.6B and 12 years from ideation to market. With long product  development times, Life Sciences organizations must accelerate the pace and quality of innovation for long-term success.

To collaborate more efficiently and productively, organizations
are moving from paper lab notebooks and legacy systems that
can be tedious to implement and update, to flexible ELNs that
are cost-effective, easy to deploy and adopt across disciplines
and global sites.

Download the white paper to learn about digital documentation as part of a fully integrated scientific enterprise, courtesy of BIOVIA, Dassault Systèmes.


Download the White Paper