The Lab Manager Biological Safety Cabinet Resource Guide

 Authors: R. Ackerman;  M. May, PhD; A. DePalma, PhD; R. Muenz

Everything you ever wanted to know about biosafety cabinets in one resource. 

Biological safety cabinets (BSCs) are enclosures that protect users and the environment from biohazards by removing particulates and aerosolized pathogens from the work area through HEPA filtration, then recirculate or exhaust the purified air, hence, cleansing the workspace air.

With a multitude of types and options available, finding the perfect fit for you and your application may be more challenging than you think.

In this resource you'll find:

  • Questions to ask when purchasing a new BSC
  • Maintenance tips to keep your cabinets running smoothly
  • Expert advice on care, use, and maintenance
  • Featured products and new offerings


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